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Sourdough Donuts

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Sourdough Donuts

Sourdough donuts....some coated with cinnamon sugar, some with a cardamom honey glaze.  I used an egg, milk, sugar, butter dough with a sourdough levain; slap and folded, proofed at room temperature for 5 hours; refrigerated over night; rolled/cut into rounds and proofed at room temperature for another 2 hours before deep frying at 350 F for about 2 minutes per side.  I didn't spend a lot of time folding and shaping each donut so they turned out pretty "rustic" looking but I think they tasted pretty good, nice soft bready texture too.   






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Abe (not verified)

Please share your recipe. They look so good!

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Hi Abe, here is what I did to make the donuts; I cobbled this recipe together after looking at various bread donut recipes online. It's not all in bakers' percentages or any consistent measurement format, I was experimenting but it worked for me. 

1.  I used a stand mixer to mix all these ingredients to make a thick batter

      Wet ingredients

  • 200 g levain (100 g surplus starter with added equal parts water and flour)
  • 1 cup warm whole milk (body temperature)
  • 1/4 tsp yeast
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/4 cup melted unsalted butter

      Dry ingredients

  • about 500 g organic all purpose flour (more or less, was adjusting the dough consistency on the go)
  • 1 teaspoon ground cardamom
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/4 cup sugar

2. The dough was very sticky and slack coming out of the mixer; I did a long series of slap/folds on an unfloured counter top until the dough was firm and not sticky. It took at least        20 minutes to get the dough firmed up to a point where I was happy with the "window pane" test.  I placed the dough ball in a lightly oiled bowl, turned once to coat, covered the        bowl and set it aside to proof at room temperature for about 4 hours before putting it in the fridge overnight.  

3. The next morning I turned the dough out on a lightly floured counter and gently rolled it out to about 1/2 inch thick; I used a round biscuit cutter to cut donuts, re-rolled the scrap        pieces and cut more donuts.  I placed each donut on individual square pieces of parchment paper laid out on a baking tray; the parchment paper made it much easier to transfer      each donut into the hot oil, each piece of paper released and was removed as soon as the donut was in the oil (not my idea, saw it on a video clip somewhere).  I covered the          donuts and proofed them at room temperature for about 2 hours

4.  I used my Le Creuset to deep fry with grapeseed oil at 350 F; each donut took a little less than 2 minutes per side.  They were drained on a wire rack and some were then rolled       in a cinnamon/sugar mixture, some were dipped in a cardamom honey glaze



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Abe (not verified)

Such a detailed and well written out recipe. Thank you Cedarmountain. Very kind of you! 

Do you think it'll be possible to bake these donuts? 

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These look amazing........

I have no experience with slap and fold, this batter couldn't be stretched a folded?  A dough hook also wouldn't work?


Sorry for these novice questions



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Sorry Dave, should have posted my reply directly to your comment...see way down at the end for my reply!

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These look stunning. I love these fried sweet treats but I still haven't tried a sourdough one. I should really try making some, they're really easy! It's nice to see a different side of your baking. :)

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Thanks Pal, had some surplus starter, didn't want to waste it...sourdough donuts were the first thing that came to mind!


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Your donuts look wonderful.  What I am trying to find is a recipe for sourdough donuts that are baked.  But I do not want the cake-style donuts.

Are you able to help or direct me in the right direction?

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Sorry, I don't have any experience baking donuts, only deep frying.  I would think the sourdough donut dough could be baked?

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I think I gained 10 pounds just looking at them! They look delicious!

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Thanks Danni, they're a nice treat but could easily get out of hand!

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the recipe as I would put on so much weight! Those look amazing!!!!! Aghhhh, I am trying to hard to stay away from pastry and yummy goodies like these! Kat

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Thanks Kat, it's best to only bake this sort of thing when there are others around to eat them!

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Now I would need to dip them in dark chocolate just...because 😼.

The recipe would be great to have.



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Yes, chocolate dipped...that works for me too!  Thanks for your kind comments Ian, I posted the recipe in a reply to Abe's post above


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they just look sooo good.  a lovely treat indeed

 bake happy Cedarmountain 😊


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Just spritz them with a light mist of grapeseed oil and bake then parchment at 375 F and then glaze them.  Yummy!  Yours look perfect!  Well done and happy baking.

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Thanks for that information Dab.  I just looked at all that delicious food and that monster big miche in your last post. Thinking baked donuts would be a nice dessert/snack to go along with your dinner...I know someone that would happily bake donuts for a dinner invitation, just saying!  

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There's no hard and fast rule to any of was a trial/error experiment on my part.  The goal is to develop the dough into a nice smooth, elastic consistency, so slap/fold, stretch/fold, mechanical with a dough hook - whatever works for you, have a go at it and see how things turn out.  I suggest going online and having a look at some doughnut videos to see how other folks are doing this, that's the wonder of the Internet, you can learn how to cook/bake just about anything!