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large griddle for bread?

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large griddle for bread?

I'm thinking about getting a 15x15 cast iron griddle for baking bread in shapes other than boules. The lip could make sliding bread onto it a bit difficult, or it might be fine. Anyone have experience using something like this?

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There are lots of other options that may be better for what you are after.  My first choice would be a vintage rectangle Griswold griddle  This one is 14" x 26" .

If you are after lipless:

  1. Look in indian stores who often have a cast iron plate for very cheep.  
  2. Thicker (3/4") and more high-end option from Manufactum  
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I use a cast iron griddle occasionally.  What I usually do, which is probably all wrong, is preheat the oven  ( I have a small combi that preheats pretty quick)  At the same time, I put the griddle on the stove top and turn the burner on and get the griddle up to 450 F or so ( I know I can do that in the oven, but I have read that it should preheat for 30 minutes to an hour , and I don't have that patience. ).   When the griddle is up to temp, I use serious gloves  ( grill armor gloves )  and turn the griddle upside down on top of the banneton, then flip it over and take off the banneton, then slide it into the oven.   To get it out,  I just use a peel.

On occasions when the griddle is already hot in the oven  ( for example when loading a second loaf ),  I use a varant of a super peel which I made to fit my small oven.   super peel   you could probably use a regular peel, the only risk is you might get a slightly distorted shape.