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Pizza Dough for 14 inch Pizza

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Pizza Dough for 14 inch Pizza

Does anyone have a recipe for pizza dough for just one pizza 14 inch.  I don't make pizza enough to freeze dough.  Would appreciate it.  Thanks!

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3/4 cup warm water (115-120°F) (180g)

2 Tbsp Olive Oil (30g)

1/2 tsp Sugar

1/2 tsp Salt

325 grams All-Purpose Flour (2 1/3 cups)

2 tsp Yeast (10g)


I usually just put everything in my mixer, mix &knead for 5-10 minutes, then let rise for about an hour.


It’s nothing special, but it always works and fits a 14” pizza pan nicely.


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Thanks you so much for the recipe.  I don't make it enough to freeze since it would be too old, so will try this one out.  Appreciate your input!


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Usually for a 32cm pizza is used 250gr of dough , so for 35+ more like 280gr and you are good . The baker  % which i use is : 

Flower - 100%

Water - 62.5 

Salt - 3%

Fresh yeast - 0.125%

Olive oil - 3 %

Sugar - 1.25 %

Total : 169.875 - you can round it to 170. 

So ...for 280 gr of dough you should .06 every % of the formula. 

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***misspelling in x .06 - actually is 1.6 - rounded - . But i am sure you are more experienced than me with baker percentage and you would figure it  was mistake. :) 

Good luck! 

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Thank you for your input, and no I'm not experienced at all with Baker's Percentages.  I need to learn.  Will keep your post as a reference along with the others who gave me info.

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Thank you for the link.  So happy I have gotten 3 responses 

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just type Pizza in the search box:-)

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It would be useful to know what yeast you have available (Dried/fresh/Sourdough).

As the recipe changes for each yeast type.