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Unintentional ciabbata

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Unintentional ciabbata

Hi All

No oven spring on my bake at all.

I am playing around with sourdough recipes to try and get something a bit more functional for my busy schedule than let's say the Tartine recipe.

I tried the following recipe:

700g Chakki Atta (Pakistani whole wheat)

300g Semolina

900g water

300g ww 100% hydration starter

20g salt


Autolyse for 12 hours (flour and water)

12 hour levain

Mix-in salt and starter

Knead for 15 minutes - with window pane test at the end

Fermentation for 4 hours

Punch down

Fermentation for 3 hours and fridge for 1 hour (the reason why I fridge here at the end is to allow for easier scoring)

Bake at 500f inside a combo cooker 25 minutes covered and 25 minutes uncovered.


I have tried this recipe couple of times and it keeps resulting in no oven spring.  Wonder what I am doing wrong...







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Abe (not verified)

An hour or two should be fine. And put the dough in the fridge after 2.5 hours for 30 minutes.  

Try these two tweaks and see if there is any improvement. 

Still, nice crumb. Just call it a purposeful ciabatta.

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Thank you Abe.  I will tweak and see what comes of it.

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since neither of those flours have strong gluten.  Try 75%, just to see how the dough behaves at that hydration.  Then you can adjust it up,or down for subsequent bakes.