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Possibly looking for the unicorn of mixers

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Possibly looking for the unicorn of mixers

but here goes.  You don't know if you don't ask.  I bake for my husband only so don't make massive amounts in one go.  I also have limited space in my kitchen so am looking for a mixer that will handle bread dough well but is compact and all on a budget.  Am quite happy to look for pre-used and am based in the UK.  There are so many out there and I specifically want one that can handle bread dough well so I thought this was a good place to start.  I currently hand knead but am ready to have another option.

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While I don’t own one, everything I have read about them seems to align with your needs. 


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I agree with Paul.  I have a Bosch Compact and it is a great machine.  I have a number of other mixers, but still use the Compact pretty regularly

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I second Paul's suggestion. I got my Compact on eBay (with numerous attachments I've never used). I hand knead most of my breads but always use the Bosch for enriched breads such as challah that should be kneaded more intensively. It will handle 6lb of dough easily without shifting on the counter and it barely gets warm. It is much better for bread than my KitchenAid, weighs almost nothing and is very easy to clean. Unbelievable performance for such a lightweight little machine.

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Several of the larger food processors can handle enough dough for a single loaf of bread. And speedy, too.

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The Roadside Pi...

My Kitchenaid pro 6qt. that I have for a good few years, but used sparingly has died. I am going to put the blame for this on myself. I would run her with the dough hook with large batches on high speeds. Best to read the instructions. That being said my next mixer will be a bosch universal. I will have the Kitchenaid rebuild, to use for cake batter, eggs and such.


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i have a small kitchen and mostly bake breads, so i bought a bosch compact.  i love it!  it's powerful but small, big enough for a good sized loaf or 2 for my husband and i.  everything gets mixed in and the dough comes out silky smooth all the time.  it's short so fits under any of my cabinets, too.

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I just want to chime in and agree here that the Bosch Compact is the way to go. You can even find refurbished ones to save a little dough (ha, see what I did there?).

Before I bought my Universal Plus (workhorse of a machine), I had a compact when it was just me and my husband. I've made bread from scratch for decades. When I was starting out it did a phenomenal job. Bosch has always been my go-to. Hope that helps.