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Just a guy with a bag of oats..

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Just a guy with a bag of oats..

I just read the linked article below.  No political statement on my part about monsanto here.. I'm just a guy with a bag of oats that I mostly use for bread baking... it sits in my kitchen pantry and after reading this I thought "crap.. " .. just thought to share it..



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You try to eat healthily by going the organic route and even then... Thanks for posting that article!

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The Roadside Pi...

The food chain has been going down hill, for sometime. It is all beginning to come to a head. No wonder the wealthy are rushing to colonize the red planet! Alas, a poor wreak, like me, will die an earthling.

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Not surprising though (sadly)

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Mini Oven

are to get your oats tested.  

I'm a big fan of Q old fashioned rolled oats, I spilled my coffee!