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Dough Mixers

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Dough Mixers

Looking for dough mixer recommendations.

I run a commissary kitchen/bakery. We make breakfast pastry and food for our own cafes, outside customers as well as through our food distributor parent company. blah blah

We currently use an older Hobart 60qt for most things, including the croissant dough, puff pastry dough. Both of which are fairly stiff dough's. Currently I can only mix 40lb of croissant dough at a time and I also feel like the mix quality isn't as good. I've mixed my dough at another kitchen (with a dough mixer) and it was sooooo much nicer.

We want to add other breads and bagel dough to the mix (pun intended).

I may go look at the  ASM-60 / ASM-80 mixers as well as a Start Plus – 50 Spiral Mixer. Does anyone have opinions on these or any others? These are ranging from 8 to 12k in price.