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Stunning yeast water success

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Stunning yeast water success

Best yet with the method and formula that joze had posted....

I took to heart the discussion on over-proofing during both bulk ferment and retard. I also retarded my YW levain. What I consider my somewhat less optimal postings to his thread have tasted fantastic !  As has been noted YW bakes  while fermenting and baking and then when eaten have the fragrance of a rich pastry/cake. I used my tomato YW in the first two bakes as discussed in the linked thread. I hadn't used a vegetable before. This bake used my 6 yr old apple YW. It is SO active and triples in just a couple hours at a warm temp. 

I got great bloom and ears and the fragrance is intoxicating. Will post a crumb pic when I let it cool . 


 pic just before baking. I have gone back to baking direct from the fridge....I am fortunate to have a dedicated refrigerator in the basement so I set it at " 7" which gave me a 47 F temp. for retarding. 




my trusty granite wear roaster. I put it in the oven at 500 and just let it  preheat till oven beeps ready. No extended preheat with this metal. I baked the 540g loaf at 500 lid on for 10min then lowered to 475 for 5 more min. Removed lid and finished at 475 for 15 min to 209 internal temp. 


crumb shots. Shattering thin crisp crust, very wheaty flavor and a beautiful crumb. No giant holes in spite of the huge bubbles and pillowing during the ferment stage but that's OK. 




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and what a great bake! I am waiting for my starter to be ready to go for the 50/50 version ciabatta from Joze but YW is on my list....Congrats...looking forward to crumb shot! Kat

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Nice job! Can you hear it asking for a smear of butter and some apricot preserves? I can. 😊


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it was homemade plum preserves :)  and wonderful it was too !  thank you  David .c

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Yeast water seems to be back in style and for good reason  - bread like this!  Well done,  we found both my YW's. Apple and fig in the bak of the fridge.  mixed a pre-ferment  using both in one and also made a same size NMNF SD levain of the same size  The SD kevain more than doubled in size in 4 hours so we put it in the fridge for a retard but the YW one hasn't shown a bit of activity in 6 hours.we  will probably have to leave it out overnight to get it going for tomorrows bake -  All the whole grains are in the two pre-ferments:-)

Happy baking Trail

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I find that no matter what my YW always does best if I give it a relatively small feed and set it in fairly warm water for an hour or two. Then I give it the final amount feed that I need to bake with and return it to a warm water bath and boy does it go !  So you may want to try that. I am going to get out some of my NMNF and add YW right to it and see what I get. Haven't done that in a long while. My NMNF has been frozen in a crumbly state for months now. It is so sour....I need to sweeten it up LOL> c

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Glad to see a post from you.  Nice looking crumb, nice and moist and open.  I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks.  Alas, my poor YW has gone away, but I shall make a new one soon to join in on all the fun again.

Happy Baking!