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7 grain blend from wheat montana

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7 grain blend from wheat montana

I have been given a bucket of this blend that needs to be milled.  I am wondering what setting to set my mill and what is a good bread recipe for this blend.

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As I don't grind my own flour. But what is the blend?

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What type of mill will you be using? It has been my experience with the KA Mockmill that a blend of grains that have different sizes, say hard red and Durham, will result in an uneven grind. The larger/harder berries will cause the burrs to vary slightly in their contact. If you're using a different type of mill that may not be a problem. The blend listed on the website might or might not have an adequate protein content for bread. If no one comes up with a recipe you might consider using this mix in a secondary role in a recipe you have used previously and explore its characteristics that way.