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food dehydrator advice solicited

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food dehydrator advice solicited

I'm considering giving myself a food dehydrator for my birthday, for dehydrating sprouted grains, etc. Any recommendations?


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 through the buy and sell pages on Facebook. It doesn’t have a temperature control but it works great for dehydrating fruits, veggies and sprouted grains. 

That being said, I am jealous of the fancy ones where you can control the temp. Maybe one day, I might be able to justify the expense but right now, my $20 find will do. 

Oh one hint when you do get one. Cut nylon window screening to fit. Then the grains won’t be falling through the trays as they dry.'s picture

Dehydrating veg and fruit has become an obsession here since last Fall.  Fun and versatile tool.  I'll pm you with details and ideas.


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We've had a Nesco similar to the FD-1010 Gardenmaster for close to 30 years.  Love it - it's a real work-horse. 

We've been able to get additional trays for it, and can easily dry with up to 20 trays stacked.  We use it for fruits, veggies, meat and fish.

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It came with 2 small screen trays that are perfect for grain and 2 solid trays that are great for making fruit roll ups plus the normal 5 trays.  It has a temperature control for various different stuff which is very nice to have as far as I am concerned.  It is also round and not as huge and bulky as some are.  I think I have dried everything in it but fish.