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Raisin bread

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Raisin bread


i recently purchased a bread machine and tried making raisin bread.After it baked I noticed all the raisins were at the bottom of the loaf. Does anyone know why this happened and how I can fix it. Thanks!

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one way is to lightly coat them in flour before adding however i always plump mine up before using and that helps as the moisture helps them stick to dough - it also makes them tastier and you can replace some of your dough water with the raisin water....yum.   

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Does your machine have the short cycle after a rather long prelimary kneading cycle beeps for addition of other ingredients like nuts, seeds, dried fruits, etc? What I do with my machine is to add the raisins then by not dumping it all onto dough, but in portions starting at one corner, then the rest and last all over the top. Machine should duly knead them into dough. If your dough is too dry or stiff or of all wholewheat consistency, the raisins may not be easily incorporated evenly. In that case, I usually just sprinkle them in before the whole first kneading cycle is completed for a more even mixing of the fruits. If you should soak the raisins, much of the raisins could also be mushed into the dough which will become darker as well. Good luck.