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10/15kg spiral mixer -- FAMAG?? SUNMIX??

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10/15kg spiral mixer -- FAMAG?? SUNMIX??

do any y’all have a home+ size spiral mixer? i just got a giant (80kilo) spiral mixer at work (pizzeria) which has me jonesing for one at home. it has made such a big improvement in our pizza dough over our now dead (after 45 years and 1,000,000 pounds of dough) hobart.

for my home baking i currently usually make 8kg batches most weekends,mostly to give to friends. limited largely by oven capacity.

key features for me are 2 or more speeds, 10-15kg dough capacity, countertop depth (less than 24"), breaker bar, single phase, 110 or 220v, tilt head & removable bowl would be nice..

there doesn’t seem to be much choice in home sized spirals and i’ve narrowed it down to a sunmix (10kg or 15kg) -or- famag (10kg) with a tilting head and removable bowl.

the sunmix seems to be considered a better brand with a loyal following at and comes in a 15kg size which would give me some upward capacity if i ever wanted to scale up a little bit. it also comes in fun colors.

the famag is a little harder to get as there aren’t many willing to send to usa. the main advantage to this is that it has a tilting head and removable bowl. their biggest “home” model is 10kg

both are 220v with variable speed. both are roughly the same cost.

other brands i have looked at and decided against for variety of reasons are... rofco, bakkerijwerld, haussler, hakka, tmb, macanosud, and prob others.

i'm leaning ever so slightly toward the the famag because of the ease of tilting head and capacity that having 2 bowls affords. but havent found much feedback on them. would love your thoughts and/or experiences with these or other choices. HELP ME DECIDE!!

(all kg’s mentioned here are in relation to finished dough capacity, not dry flour)

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I have a Famag Grilletta IM5 - the smallest one you can buy. It's a basic model with fixed bowl and one speed - although I have hacked it to make it multi-speed.

I've had it just over a year and I'm very pleased with it. Construction is pretty simple but solid and robust, with chain drive and a cap start induction motor, so should be easy to fix if it ever goes wrong.

I'd certainly recommend Famag on this basis. Whether it's any better or worse than Sunmix, I can't say - they may be very similar inside.


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thanks. hope i can get my order in before august summer vacation closure.