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Any Resources?

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Any Resources?

I have been looking, but can't seem to find anything like this. Is there any resources that you know of that goes through ingredients and how to use them? For example how rye changes the structure of bread as it increases in total weight or how much baking soda to use. Any help would be great, thanks! 

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I don't know of any single source but there are many sources -many right here on TFL. Use the "SEARCH" box. or click on the links at the top or sode of the screem (such as the "Books") and there are plenty of resources.

YouTube has videos.

Keywords: "Science of bread" or  "Bread science" yielded a lot of links.


Joy of Cooking-a classic, general cookbook with a lot of info on ingredients-get an old edition  -   Stan Ginsberg also wrote a book of the same title

Any of the books listed here on this site-Reinhart, Hamelman,etc

"Bread Science" by Emily Buehler

"Modernist Bread" by Nathan Myrvold and Francisco Migoya

The questions you ask are all part of a learning curve-it never happens all at once. Patience and persistence.