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Einkorn Rye Sesame Sourdough

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Einkorn Rye Sesame Sourdough

First time posting here and just got into sourdough bread making a month ago. 

I thought I would share this loaf here because I found einkorn a bit of a challenge to work with. 

Recipes is as follows. 


Einkorn and Rye Bread Topped with Sesame Seeds 


  • 165g Rye pumpernickel (85% H20) 
  • 165g Einkon (70%  H20) 
  • 165g Whole wheat bread flour (90% H20) 
  • 1.5% salt  
  • 5% starter  


Due to the low proportion of sourdough starter, I like to the ferment overnight for roughly 10-11 hours for this loaf. I personally prefer this method simply because it divides up the work nicely. Because the low gluten content relatively wheat bread I simply mixed and did some very, very gently stretches and folds, but the dough had extremely limited extensibility. 


Shaping actually went surprising well and I was able to with a wet dough scrap to develop a bit of surface tension before sticking the dough in a loaf pan to finish proofing. 


Preheated the oven to 500 degrees and proofed the bread for an hour. 


Turned down the oven and baked for 50minutes at 450 degrees. 


Overall the flavor bread is fantastic. The einkorn I think pairs really nicely with the sesame seeds, and the rye comes through nicely. I would definitely make again, though probably as larger 600g loaf so it fits the bread tin better. 


I'm curious if it is possible to increase the hydration of the einkorn above 70% and if someone has tried a whole einkorn rye as a freestanding bread. 


I would leave to hear people thoughts and feedback! 


Happy baking :) 








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I've done einkorn at 72% and it's a sticky mess - most / many members here will likely suggest using it as a blend and at low rates as in 20% or lower. Unless you have a thing for it's funky bitter flavor as a primary flavor profile, as opposed to am undertone it's not particular pleasant - not sure if you mean a freestanding pure einkorn loaf - did you say einkorn rye meaning blend of einkorn and rye or did you mean to say einkorn wheat ?


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separately at different hydrations rather than mixing all the flours together and autolysing them together at on hydration?  I've never heard if anyone doing that.  Double and even triple levains at different times, hydration, different grains and temperatures sure.  

The bread looks fine inside and out.  It might be a bit under baked.  What was the temperature inside ?  I would think that 90-100% overall hydration should be possible in a tin.

Has to taste great.  Happy baking

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I did Autolyse the flours together, but I just find it easier to get overall hydration correct with many grains when I focus on the proper hydration for each flour type. 

I’m not sure about the temperature as I don’t have a thermometer, but it seemed well baked. Though if it was a larger loaf, I would definitely extend the time.  

I will give a higher hydration a shot! 

Thanks for the tips 

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Einkorn is just not easy to work with. I have gone up to 85% hydration (pure Einkorn) and it was so runny, gooey and sticky that it was nearly impossible to work with. If I tried to knead it, it would tighten up quickly into a form ball that could not be worked, then I let it rest on the counter and when I turned my back it would turn into a runny mess and nearly run off the counter's edge!

Ultimately I wound up keeping all my current loaves at around 68% hydration because its somewhat workable and the higher hydration did not seem to improve anything.

Good luck and keep up your good work!