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Best silicone handle for combo cooker?

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Best silicone handle for combo cooker?

I recently acquired a Lodge 3.2 qt combo cooker and love it.  Forgot to get a silicone handle, and reading reviews it seems that Lodge doesn't have a good product in that regard.  Any recommended brands?  I know to use it only when moving the pan.  My hands are small and often silicone gloves don't feel secure for something this heavy.  Thanks!

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Mini Oven

a figure "8" silicone grip for a heavy load might be handy.  Something you can sling under the handle and then loop over the pot and under the short handle.  Something that has just enough slack to hold everything together but not be loose.  Could lift the whole pot or just the top with one hand.  Maybe get some ideas on making your own with high temp silicone and natural rope or cable or high temp flat rope.

I looked up: Figure eight silicone grip      

and ended up in weightlifting... checking out your local weightlifting equipment shop... might be a lot of fun!!!

 Wouldn't know about the hot temps, something to ask.  

Take the pot and a friend with you.  :)

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There are a few shops online where you can these. They aren't expensive. You may have to check dimensions that can handle your particular pot. For example you will find a complete set for sale now at S19.99 in different colors. Try this or else Google for silicone handles for more online sources. Good luck.