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Varasano's Pizza

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Varasano's Pizza

As I was on my way from one flight to the next last evening in Terminal A of Atlanta's airport, a sign caught my eye.  It was a shop for Varasano's Pizza.  If I had had the time, I would have ordered one just to see what it was like.  Perhaps another time.

For those of you to whom that name is new, Jeff Varasano is a New Yorker who had moved to Atlanta and grew frustrated at not finding pizzas like those he knew from New York.  So he set about trying to develop his own.  It was, in some ways, an obsession; one that led to a few "don't do this at home, kids" moments. 

I knew he had opened a restaurant in Atlanta but I hadn't been aware that it had become a multi-store (franchised?) operation. 

Having read some of Jeff's early blogs (the man is nothing if not persistent), it was intriguing to see a very tangible expression of how far an obsession can take you.