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Whole Wheat pizza dough

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Whole Wheat pizza dough

HELP! We make a decent whole wheat pizza dough, but whether we make the pizza on a plastic or glass cutting board, or on a legit wooden pizza peel with cornmeal or flour, it won't come off onto the stone, which is nicely preheated in our oven. We end up with a pizza mound. Is this because of the whole wheat dough? Or are we doing something wrong. While I'm here, how do we make it  a thin crust. It seems we can, but we're just PUSHING it into the pizza making surface, making it stick there. (Cross posting on the pizza forum, too)



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Voni, you can certainly make a whole wheat pizza dough that won't stick to the peel, but I find it helps to either dress it very quickly, because if you take too long, it can stick.   Another option is  use a peel that it will not stick to, no matter what.    I use a superpeel style, and can leave the pie on the peel for 5 to 10 minutes, and have never had an issue with sticking.   You did not say what you use to cook the pie, but in general 100% whole wheat requires higher temps to taste good -  I use a blackstone pizza oven.     

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The easiest solution is to proof your dough on parchment paper and transfer the dough to the oven with the parchment paper still under the pizza.

The parchment paper is so thin that your baking will not be impacted and the paper will not stick to your dough unless you have really sticky dough. 

Most likely your dough is too sticky. You might not be developing the gluten enough. Have you tried a pizza dough recipe that includes an overnight retard? It will make a world of difference. 

I used to have the problem with sticky dough because I didn't know what my dough should feel like before I start dressing the pizza. I didn't realize dough could be wonderfully supple and easy to manipulate by hand. Now I know to work my dough until it gets to that state and everything is much easier.