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Hobart C10 C210 mixer

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Hobart C10 C210 mixer


I am in the UK and have just bought a Hobart C210? mixer.  I'm not sure of the exact model as a google search of Hobart C10 and C210 seems to bring up what looks like the same mixer??

The original tinned bowl that came with it is a bit rusted, and there is a tiny hole in it.  I have seen people fit stainless bowls, but not sure where to buy them from to fit this machine.  Do mixing paddles, whisks etc from other machines fit this as well?

It also has an adaptor and a much smaller bowl, seems to be around 3 quarts? This might well be ok for retaining, but are stainless versions of these also available, as the smallest bowls seem to be 5 quarts?


Many thanks

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Here's a link with an uTube video which may help you. The owner says it is a 10-quart bowl.

You may try looking for one if the Hobart does not have replacement bowls of that size. Even Amazon carries 10-quart S/S mixer bowls : The main page : This has a list of much more expensive commercial bowls. However, you need to double check the depth and also if it will sit in the bowl arms. Good luck.


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If you don't find what you want online, call them.  They're very helpful.


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Nice buying on ebay UK, I monitored this auction in the past month :-)

The C10, CE100 and C210 references refer to the same (or almost same) 10-quart early mixers of the Hobart range, which have been later replaced by the C100.
All the agitators are compatible (as well as the generic current productions), but this is not the same for the bowl. The C210, due to its framed shape, will not accept any bowl which has a flat edge. In this case, the bowl is too wide and will rest against the upper frame edges when lifted up. For this reason, you must not buy the generic bowl advised by nichan, sorry !

The only 10Qt stainless steel bowl able to fit the C210 is the one shown in this video : . Take a look at the rolled edge with built-in handles, this is the conclusive evidence of its compatibility. This was the 1st stainless steel version made by Hobart for the C100, this is the only genuine compatible bowl which retrofits the C210.

By the way, all 3-Qt stuff (bowls, adapters, agitators) are very very rare because there were never sold in large quantities, and they have left the hobart catalogue since many decades ago. In fact you are already a lucky guy to have a tinned steel set ! Finding them out in stainless steel will be a strong challenge !

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Many thanks for the information, all most useful.  Yes it was the one on ebay I bought.

 I was wondering about the stainless bowl designs.  I work as a fabricator/welder, so I was thinking if I couldn't get a genuine design stainless bowl, I could buy one of the wide brimmed bowls, and either cut the rim down, or fold it further under, if the actual diameter of the inside of  bowl is still the same size. 

The 10-qt tinned bowl needs a bit of a repair as it has a tiny hole in it.  The 3-qt should clean up ok so I can get it re-tinned.  The alternative will be seeing if I can get a new one made, I'm finding out prices at the moment.

Any idea what the original colour of these mixers would have been?


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I have seen images of these classic Hobart mixers in both:

  • off white, or
  • light grey 

You can easily identify images of machines still in original paint as they have the pin striping on them  Anything without a pinstripe is probably a repaint.


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Yes, if you'are a metal worker then you should be able to adapt a new generic 10qt bowl in order to make it compatible with the C210 frame.

Concerning the 3qt bowl, I guess they was produced by stamping a sheet of s-steel (like a bowl of any size, in fact), but I'm affraid that this process is clearly unreachable as well as too expensive for the craftsman :(
To be honest I don't know what kind of more individual techniques would produce the same result, but I wish you a great success for this :)

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Does anyone know if there is a spiral dough hook that works for the C210?  

I can not find one on the web...most suppliers and eBay auctions only have the J hook.