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Instant dry yeast sell-by date

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Instant dry yeast sell-by date

I have a stock of IDY from two manufacturers, each expiring December 2018.  My usual "go to" IDY is a 500g bulk vacuum pack import, the other a few 10g sachets from a local manufacturer.  My "go to" IDY has not been delivering the sort of results I expected so I did as parallel test:  5g sugar diluted in 100g tap water at 28dC in separate tumblers into which I stirred in 10g of each.  The attached picture, taken about an hour later, speaks for itself - import to the left and local to the right.  One of the lessons to be learnt is not to trust BB/expiry dates!

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Big difference in behavior!. I think my 2 lb pack of IDY that I bought locally at a Sam's Club (buy in bulk or industrial sized packages there) has an expire date of 2014 but it has been kept in the freezer since purchase. It survived 5 days without power with Hurricane Irma last year-still rises dough nicely.

Unless it is a safety issue, I usually ignore those "Best by" or "Use By" dates.