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Saturday Whites On a Sunday

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Saturday Whites On a Sunday

Re-visited Forkish's Saturday White recipe today after a slightly disappointing attempt yesterday. The following chart shows my ingredients, process, and an interpretation of the given instructions (with alterations due to limitations in gear, as I don't yet have bannetons):

As I baked the first loaf, the second was in its proofing bowl in the fridge. The first loaf:

With this dough, I tried to export from my proofing bowl onto a piece of parchment paper so I could carefully slide it into the hot DO, but it lost all shape and I gave up and basically threw the misshapen pile of dough in there and it ended up in more of a rectangle shape. Not mad at it, I still think it's pretty, but the part I am bummed about is that small little doughy section in the middle of the loaf! I feared I was underbaking slightly and so gave the next loaf an extra five minutes.

The second loaf:

I was thrilled to see this come out of the oven! 

With this dough I attempted to re-shape on the counter immediately before throwing it into the oven seam side up, which created what I think are some beautiful natural tears and little ears, but my guess is that last minute shaping perhaps created the large holes which are present in the crumb? I wanted to avoid the random blob shape of the first loaf, but ended up with some un-intended caves.

Side by side comparison of the two. Small improvements every bake I think so far! Having fun with it. :)