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Country bread with levain

Adam4SD's picture

Country bread with levain

  • BF 43%
  • APF 28%
  • White whole wheat  15%
  • Spelt 15%
  • 90% hydration
  • 20% levain
  • 2% salt



Elsie_iu's picture

There's only 15% whole wheat yet you chose the hydration level of 90%! Considering the fact that there's 15% spelt in the formula, it's really impressive this didn't turned out as pancakes. The nice oval shape of your bread gives proofs of the strength of the dough and your excellent dough handling skills. 

I can see how custardy the crumb is even through the computer monitor. Gorgeous crumb!  

Adam4SD's picture

Thanks for your wonderful comments!  I have made many pancakes in the last year and still make them. Levain is very forgiving and unforgiving at the same time, in my opinion.


Ru007's picture

What a great looking loaf! You're on a roll Young Hee!! 

Well done, I love the crumb on this one. 

Happy baking! 


PalwithnoovenP's picture

That crumb is dreamy!

Adam4SD's picture

I have been baking since March 2017.

Filomatic's picture

It's hard to imagine doing a better job with that bread.  Masterful work.

dabrownman's picture

is a step about Forkish for sure.  The process seems to be missing from the formula though?  This is what bread is supposed to look like.  Beautiful pictures too.  Thus bread could go on the cover of a book anytime.  But I bet the taste is the best part.  Very nice indeed and happy baking 

Adam4SD's picture

on my notebook!! Sometimes I try to bake clockless but jot down the ingredients. I haven’t been consistent in my baking.  Since I want to do a pop up in the future I’d better train myself to be consistent.

Thank you very much your kind words!!! 

Young Hee

not.a.crumb.left's picture

such a beautiful loaf inside and out...totally amazing!..Kat