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Flour cocktail

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Flour cocktail

This is a keeper!

I mixed: Buckwheat, BF, Semolina, graham, white whole wheat and little bit of malted flour.

20% of plum levain and 80% water...

The crumb is very soft with medium openness but the best part is the smell!


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That is actually a gorgeous loaf!  Based on your grains used, I bet it has a great, nutty flavor. 

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Yes, it does.  Smell was great...  I will upload the recipe on another day as it is a keeper.  

Young Hee


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Mixing up different flour makes it difficult to know how individual flour tastes like. However, multi-grain bread has a level of complexity that cannot be replicated using a single flour. And as you have experienced yourself, the aroma is unbeatable.

Happy baking!


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This one must taste as good as it looks.

So one question...what is a Plum levain exactly?


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Thank you for you kind comment!

I refreshed my strong starter with 100% freshly squeezed plum juice in lieu of water. 


Young Hee

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I'm always shoving cut bread in the face of people and saying 'Smell This - this is what bread is supposed ti smell like"  They think I a crazy and they might be right about that,  I'm guessing the plum levain is made with plum yeast water?  It sure came out grand all the way around insdie and out,  Well done and Happy baking 

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I thought about fermenting the delicious plums but I was tempted to use the juice right away so I just added it for 100 hydration.

Yes, the smell is something else... I picked up two boules of oat porridge SD at SF Tartine bakery last fall. I was in Bart with them and the smell of the boules was so strong I was self conscious. (In a good way).

Thank you always!

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Young He,

I think the beauty and novelty of this bake warrant a more complete description.  I won't be surprised if Floyd wants to highlight it up top.  Can you provide the specifics of your formula -- proportions of components comprising your 'cocktail'?  Very inventive use of fresh fruit juice.  I hope you made some jam out of the pulp!

Thanks for posting this.  Nice one!


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Thanks, Tom, for your kind comment!

The following is what I did:

  1. buckwheat 6.3%
  2. semolina 10.3%
  3. graham 8.4%
  4. white whole wheat 25%
  5. BF 50%
  6. blacksesame 4%
  7. salt 2%
  8. malt flour 1%
  9. levain (refreshed with plum juice with pulp) 20%
  10. H2O 80%

I autolysed ALL (1-10) for 40 mins. Vigorous mixing in the bowl for 2 mins and 2 sets of stretch/fold and RT bulk for 1.5 hours (due to very late night mix). 

Cold retard for 17 hours and left the dough at RT for 5 hours.

Divided/bench for 1 hour; shape and FF for only 1 hour and 15 mins in the fridge. 

Into 30 mins of preheating of oven I put the banettons in The freezer (for 30 mins) and baked.

Total flour was 600 g and I was able to make 2x633g batards.  In hinds sight I would have liked 500g batards and also should have formed short and fat dough.'s picture

Interesting flour mix and long fermentation.  Beautifully done. 

Plum juice levain refreshment -- that's a new one!



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so wish we could smell and taste, lol! well done and please post recipe


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It is listed above in my rely to Tom. You should of try this flour mix.  Highly recommend...

Thank you for your kind comment!!

Young Hee