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I've finally done it

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I've finally done it

After over a month of trial and error, I've got a working recipe for a wonderful loaf of simple white bread for my pullman pan, and now I'm looking to broaden my horizon with different flavors and ingredients.  I was going to do an italian herbs and cheese loaf, but I'm unsure of what kind of cheese I could use.  I'm debating between shredded cheddar and grated parmesan because I'm not sure how either of those would impact how the loaf turns out, aside from taste.

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Integrate chunks of feta or gruyere for a tangy pop. Add herbs-fennel and rosemary, chive blossoms or leaves, organic rose petals for color, mozzarella and pepperoni for pizza bread,etc,etc. Dried fruit, raisins and craisins with coriander and cardamom, turmeric for a screaming yellow look.

How long can I go on?...….jump in and try whatever appeals.

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add ins.  Just pick your favorite Italian stuffings and have at it.  Durum semolina, Romano, sun dried tomato, olives and rosemary with fresh garlic and put them in focaccia and pizza dough two Italian breads.  Then you can do a Greek bread a German one etc.  the American one can be Wonder Bread :-)