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My Second Foray into the Land of Rye

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My Second Foray into the Land of Rye

This is my second time working with a significant amount of rye, my first being a 100% rye: Vollkornbrot. That was really fun since i had no idea what to expect, it wasn't too difficult, and the people i made it for (immigrated from Germany) said it was wonderful. This time however, I scaled it back and went for a 40% Rye with Caraway Seeds. 


I used Hamelman's formula and stuck to it pretty well I think. I don't have a lot to compare it to in terms of rye experience, but i think it was pretty good. I wasn't expecting an open crumb, I did get some pretty good spring and i bet i could have gotten some nice slashing if I put my cuts parallel, but i saw a picture of a rye with this slashing style, so i went this way. I put some seeds on top, and I think that might have been a bit too much caraway for my tastes. Other than that though, it was pretty good, the chewyness is something I like. One day soon, I might try a vollkornbrot again, and perhaps down the road, pumpernickel will make an appearance. 

Rye seems to have this mystique, and it's piqued my curiosity....I'll get you yet you little berry..... 


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I had to laugh - "I'll get you yet, you little berry....." 

 I've baked with rye frequently, and find its taste is so unpredicable.  With other breads, it's the rise or the crumb, but with rye, I can always get a decent loaf, but sometimes the rye is just screaming with flavour, other times, it's hiding.  Sometimes, it's not there on day one, then comes out to play the next day.  Bizarre.  I can't wait to try again with that little quote in mind....

Beautiful looking bread, by the way....

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Looks great!  I've been hankering for some rye myself.

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 and I agree about the unpredictability of rye, in terms of flavor!  My last efforts, using King Arthur First Clear and Pumpernickel flours, were terrific--photos on the blog; for whatever reason, don't seem to be able to post photos here at the moment!



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