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Pies for Father's Day

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Pies for Father's Day

We love pie so I made some pie to celebrate Father's Day!

These are fried pies. I used a crust that is meant to be very tender and flaky. The filling is creamy tuna in white sauce. They are also very crispy after frying with the crispness that you associate with a croissant.

A fast food chain here sells tuna pies which is popular but I'm not a big fan of it. I will be bold and say that these are a million times better! Everyone who tastes this says that I should sell this and it will be a hit. Should I take the bait?

And a fried flaky mooncake filled with purple yam paste for dessert! Decadent and delicious!

Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there! Maligayang Araw ng mga Ama! Bonne fête des Pères ! 父亲节快乐!


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I am not sure about the tuna pies but that purple yam mooncake looks really good.  Always something interesting coming out of your kitchen, well done!

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It was my first time to eat and make a fried mooncake. It was sensational!

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but your tuna pie is so tempting (and it's from someone who prefers shortbread crust to flaky crust)! Some food just have to be fried, baking won't yield the same degree of flakiness. Creamy tuna melted cheese is heavenly so it must taste amazing in the form of pie as well. I might add some thyme sauteed mushrooms for more texture if it's up to me.

Your flaky mooncakes look similar to Chinese taro pastry 芋頭酥 but they are baked not fried. Thanks for sharing!

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I made another batch of pies using your preferred crust from the left over tuna filling and I'll include it in my next post. Mushrooms are a welcome addition for me too, lots of flavor and texture. You're right, it won't taste right if it was baked.

I saw fried mooncakes on some websites using a crust with the same principle as the crust of the Chinese taro pastry that you mentioned. And I think yes, it's the same pastry just fried which seems to make it flakier and crispier.

I'm glad you like it! Happy baking!