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Harvest Bread ears

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Lazy Loafer

Harvest Bread ears

Today I baked a big (10 loaves) batch of Forkish's Harvest Bread from FWSY. This is a poolish bread with a high percentage of pre-fermented flour, a good proportion of whole wheat flour (stone ground from a local farm) and added wheat germ and bran. It's a lovely dough to handle and bake. I made the poolish in the morning, then mixed the dough in the evening, putting it in the fridge for an overnight retard after about 1.5 hours fermenting at room temperature. This morning I scaled it to 750 grams and baked it on hot stones with steam after around 2 hours of room-temperature resting / proofing.

The loaves were shaped into 'chubbs' and scored with a single curved slash down the length, blade held at an angle to the skin. And look at those ears! I love it when that happens. :)


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This one has to be especially tasty because it looks so good!  Stunning !  Well done and happy baking

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That first shot is as good as it gets.. wow.. well done!


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I Haven’t one as good as that for while - inspirational!

happy baking Lazy Loafer


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That is a gigantic ear!

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Lechem (not verified)

and 10 great ears. You know I'd settle with one bread with one great ear. If only!

I love the way your breads have opened up.

Great bake.

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Little Red Riding Hood would've gone nuts!

Those are impressively beautiful and beautifully impressive (as per…)


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Lazy Loafer

... us bread geeks. We go into rhapsodies of joy over a bit of crust sticking up! But of course, I was so pleased that I had to take pictures and post them for all to see, so I'm obviously a geek myself. :)

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is one thing but that ear fetish thing some have might point to a potential for harder drugs than ears I fear.  Sometimes I get weird nose looking protuberances on my bread when it blows itself!

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LOL!! Yeah, we're a funny geek squad that the vast majority of people just wouldn't understand! Although, it does boggle my mind a little how such great looking loaves like yours, wouldn't make everyone's day!! 

Great bake Wendy :)

Happy baking 


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Lechem (not verified)

A good many people might call us geeks and wouldn't understand us. 

But they'd sure eat the bread we make not realising what goes into it.

And don't forget that the vast majority of people don't know what good bread is thinking supermarket stuff is best bread. Never even tried all these wonderful recipes and methods. Just fluffy bags of unpronounceable ingredients is bread to them. 

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I remember thinking that bread couldn't get better than what I could buy in grocery store!

Then I stumbled across TFL...yay!!

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Add my voice to the chorus of people loving those ears! Just beautiful!

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Lovely loaves, lovely ears...delicious looking bread!

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would be very happy with those ears!   And the consistency....amazing....well done! We are a without question a funny lot but not lacking persistence and heart for it!!!!! Kat