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Wholemeal Spelt (yeast) my beat yet :)

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Wholemeal Spelt (yeast) my beat yet :)

Last night I made a little Spelt loaf.......... it was SO good that I repeated it again this morning.

I used the Patrick Ryan method.......... but altered the handling times a little :)

This is simply the lightest and tastiest Wholemeal Spelt loaf I have ever made!

Here are my notes if you fancy a go:

(Sorry for the text layout, I uploaded this from my iPhone 

Baby Spelt loaf

¬†200g Wholemeal Spelt)130 water2 yeast mixed with 5 water4 salt mixed with 2 water5 butter5 honey¬†Add water @ 60c to flour, mix and autolyse for 15 mins¬†Add yeast to water @ 40c max and stir¬†After autolyse add yeast and mix in bowl, then butter and mix then honey and mix then salt and mix¬†Mix and knead with knuckles (*) for 3 mins then stand covered for 10¬†Then knead for 1 min and stand for another 10¬†Knead for another min and stand for 10¬†¬†Knead for 1 min then shape into round and prove at room temp until double (45 to 60 mins)¬†Knock back gently and shape into round and bench rest for 15¬†Pre shape to suit (I used small tin) then into buttered and rice floured tin and prove until nearly double for about 45 mins. ¬†Turn oven on now to 235 to preheat for this time¬†Have a metal vessel in oven at same time then as bread put into oven add boiling water to the vessel to create steamy oven¬†Bake for 15 mins then remove steam vessel, lower heat to 180 and bake for further 10 mins¬†¬†¬†* meaning push away from centre with back of fingers then pull back to centre, this is almost folding but still a good knead with knuckles when pushing out from centre of bowl¬†¬†Made using Patrick Ryan method and baked in tin for 15 mins at 235 with steam then 10 at 180 without¬†Fantastic ūüĎćūüĎćūüĎć