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Look for recipe for Ciambella – Puglia, Basilicata

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Look for recipe for Ciambella – Puglia, Basilicata

I was looking up the various region breads of Italy and came across photos of what the blog “Italicious” called Ciambella – Puglia, Basilicata. Photo included below. It just looked so beautiful and tasty that I knew I wanted to bake it. However, she. I google the above name, I get wildly different results. 



Is anyone one familiar with this bread and could send me a recipe or point me in a more specific direction?


Thx! -Pia 


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So I looked around and found this recipe. I found that the name also refers to sweet products like coffee cakes and doughnuts, and leavened breads in that shape also.

Ciambella -This ring-shaped bread had a formidable crust but a soft crumb, and is made in Puglia and Basilicata.

Ciambella is traditionally a large "ring" shaped cake served at Easter

Here is a recipe for a Pugliese  bread, however they do not show it baked in a ring,which I'm sure would be easy to make.