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Alfonso needs some company in Baguette world

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Alfonso needs some company in Baguette world

I haven’t made Baguettes in over a year and I’m pretty rusty although I’ve never been as consistent or practiced as the master. I used the “36 hour + Baguettes” recipe by txfarmer, but I reduced the hydration to 72% which was too dry in retrospect, but easier to handle when out of practice. I used Central Milling Type 70 malted flour which gives excellent flavor.













Wow do I need practice scoring!













Not a bad crumb though. And the other problem is that they seem to disappear pretty fast!


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or cured meat. Tear off a hunk,butter it up and go to Paris for few minutes.  Well done and happy baking 

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is all it takes. My neighbor, a française in California, is always happy to help reduce my carb intake. :-)


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Nice color on those baggies. Crumb and blisters look great!

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I would never have known that you felt rusty! The crumb is really nice. 

Great bake Tom :)


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Thanks for the free advertising ;-) .  You can't go wrong with anything that txfarmer displayed on these TFL pages, she is/was as fine as it gets around here.  I love the dark bake and crunchiness to the crust, and they must taste wonderful too.

practiced I am, master I'm not.  And with all that practice I still can't roll them as well as kendalm can.  Scoring is the great white whale to many, and it's unfortunate if they let that get in the way of the desire to try their hand at baguettes.  So...carry on!


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I figure I’ll feel like I can consistently  make a decent baguette after several thousand more... and it will require your posts to keep me motivated.


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Nicely done bagettes there - that is a pretty nice flour I've used it several times - the one thing I wish they would do is grind up that bran a little more.  Being a big fan of authentic T65 it just seems that it would be just that little bit more authentic if they milled it the same way as they do in France.   I just got a nice 30lb shipment of T65 from France and it's magic ! 


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I’m afraid 30# would last me far longer than it would be fresh! The shipping must be horrendous. Fortunately my wife works a block away from KGBS in Petaluma. Free shipping!