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Buckwheat Cranberry Levain

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Lazy Loafer

Buckwheat Cranberry Levain

This is one of the prettiest breads I bake - Buckwheat Cranberry Levain! I used to make it just for autumn / winter, but it is such a favourite that I decided to put it in the baking rotation today. This time I baked it in cast iron pots seam-side up, and the resulting natural burst is quite attractive. The original recipe was inspired by cmatecun's Buckwheat Cherry Levain, but I've probably modified somewhat over time.


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Must taste great too. I really enjoy cranberries but I've never tried them in bread, now its on my ever growing to do list. 

Great bake LL :)

Happy baking


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Lazy Loafer

Thanks Ru; nice to see you back! I've been a bit absent myself lately too. Still baking though! :)


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out of turn at the wrong time of year -  It's great!  Well done and happy baking LL

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This can certainly inspire fellow bakers in the south hemisphere!

Pretty loaf

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I love cranberries in bread, actually in anything if I am honest!  I haven’t used buckwheat flour though.  Do you mill your own or buy the flour?

a very yummy bake I think!

bake happy


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Lazy Loafer

Buckwheat is one flour I don't mill myself. I don't mill any of the gluten-free flours because they would then be contaminated by the gluten flours I mill. I don't want to have to wash the whole mill between batches! Yes, I put dried cranberries in lots of things too, including cooked porridge. :)