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how can i fix this...

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how can i fix this...


So I've been making whole wheat bread with grains in it. i've been following the directions and what not and i get this crust... 

What is happening to the bread and how do i fix it. When i shape the loaf i dont want it too tight as it starts ripping. 

Help please ?

Thanks ! 

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Lechem (not verified)

And I think the problem is following directions. No I haven't gone crazy :) 

When baking bread a recipe cannot give you an exact time. The golden rule is to watch the dough and not the clock. So whatever recipe, timings and advice given there are always variables. Only knowing when the dough is done and you get the feel of it is the key. 

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The image is informative, but a detailed description of how you mixed the dough and baked it would provide much needed information. Please start from the beginning and tell us everything you can. Give us your formula or recipe, it may provide some help.

Can you provide images of the crumb?

We’ll do our best to help you solve this problem.


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i will once i slice it open. Thanks 


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1. I tend to agree with Lechem re being overproofed.

2. Looks like you're baking in a tin (that's cool). I'd suggest covering the tin with alfoil for the first half of the bake to trap steam/keep the skin moist(ish). This should increase your chances of better oven spring and also give you a nicer more golden crust.



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i made a 2.0 post as i could not add a picture.