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Whole Grains

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Whole Grains

Anyone used Bob's Red Mill Grains-of-Discovery Whole Grain Medley?  I'm contemplating Hamelman's Whole Wheat Multigrain, which calls for 'Grains, Assorted' as an ingredient, and am wondering if this might work well or if it might be too whole-grainy and dense.

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In the absence of a response, I went ahead and tried it.  Bob's Red Mill Grains-of-Discovery Whole Grain Medley consists of: Whole grain, hard red wheat, brown rice, oats, rye, triticale (wheat), barley, Kamut Khorasan grain (wheat) buckwheat and sesame seeds

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Don't know why my pic of the crumb is so blurry - on my computer it looks fine.  Is there no way to edit posts once they've been submitted?

Also, my above post didn't include the thought that I included.

Overall the bread mixed and baked like it was going to be successful, and the result looks and smells great.  I made a boiling water soaker at the same time as the levain, about 15 hours ahead of mixing, thinking that would be plenty of time to soften the grains.  The finished product tastes great, but one or more of the grains have retained a 'crunch' that isn't pleasant to my taste.  I'll be looking for some other grain mix to use with this recipe, or else make my own.

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Looks great to me.  I only use home milled, so I have never tried any of Bob's flours. 

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and the crumb is fine too. sorry I couldn’t help re the grain mix, it isn’t available where I live.  I wonder which of the grains remained crunchy, 15 hours should have been long enough.  But, go with your own mix, you can choose exactly which grains you prefer.

Well done, its a great bake!


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I would have thought that long a soak would be enough time to soften all the grains but hard red wheat is very hard. You might have to actually cook the grain mix about halfway before soaking it.

Your loaves look lovely! I would love a slice!

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This is very good advice and is what I will do to use up the rest of the bag.  

It does taste very good - be assured that I'll be eating it despite the crunch.  :-)

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Linda Teders



Looks good! And reading the tips, I would suggest a combination; blend your own mix. And if that contains the hard red, you could maybe run it through your mill at as very coarse setting. So that you just crack the kernels. Also, do you soak in cold or hot water?