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Lodge Combo Cooker maintanence / seasoning for bread only?

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Lodge Combo Cooker maintanence / seasoning for bread only?



I just purchased a Lodge Combo Cooker and is pretty much only gonna use it for bread. I already have a Lodge skillet that i use almost everyday and season after every use. 


Is it the same thing for the Combo Cooker? How do you guys take care of it if you use it primarily for bread as well? Do i season it in oil after every bake?

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I use cast iron for cooking, frying, and baking. I never did season my combo cooker for bread, but I don’t think it would hurt. I do, sometimes rub a light coat of oil on the cooker to make it look nice and prevent rust. I’ve used it quite a bit it still looks great.


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It is used for cooking about twice a week and baking sourdough weekly. I almost never season it after cooking unless I have scrubbed it hard to remove burnt bits. However, I like to season it once every two weeks before I bake by rubbing it with a thin layer of canola or peanut oil before preheating it in the oven for about 40 minutes. It saves some energy since I am preheating the oven with the pan and seasoning it at the same time.

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I use my combo cooker only for bread and I have never seasoned it and have not had issues with sticking. I just sprinkle in a bit of semolina before putting the dough in.