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Experience with Piper Ovens?

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Chef Maggie

Experience with Piper Ovens?

Hi All!

This is my first post here on TFL though I've been a longtime browser/visitor. I'm in the process of opening a small gluten-free artisan bread bakery, and my partner and I are bootstrapping the entire operation without any loans or investment capital to start. We've leased a 290 sq ft commercial space and now must equip the entire thing out of our own pockets. Thankfully it does come with sinks and a hood already installed.

We need to avoid even the most remote possibility of gluten contamination, so unfortunately buying a used oven is a no-go. (We both have Celiac disease and take all the precautions very seriously so our kitchen will be a 100% GF facility.) I've concluded that the triple-deck Piper "super systems" oven with a built-in proofing cabinet on the bottom is the best solution for our needs to get started, but before I pull the trigger on the purchase I thought I'd ask the good folks here if any of you have had experience with this brand. Though they're on the affordable end of the commercial spectrum it's still a lot of cash to plunk down on a single piece of equipment; I want to make sure it's a smart purchase.

Appreciate any insights, and I'm happy to be part of the TFL community now.