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Flour & bakeries in Utah and Oregon?

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Flour & bakeries in Utah and Oregon?

My daughter & son-in-law are moving to the Salt Lake City area.  Now we have another state to visit and learn about.  Any recommendations for bakeries (road fuel) and and locally grown flour/grain between central California and Utah?  We'll go at least twice this year (frst grandchild is due in September).  The RV has lots of storage between the fridge/freezer & ice chests, so keeping 50-70 lb. cool would be no problem.

Same question for Oregon (a long-overdue visit near Portland and Lyons).  Thanks, and I hope you discover new goodies & grains on your travels too!            

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Central Milling is located in Logan, Utah a small university town near Salt Lake City. Also has a collection of world famous saddlery and western ware suppliers in North Logan if you're into tack. Be cautious when travelling in the Rocky Mountains - the weather can be unbelievably treacherous...,


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G. Marie

There are lots and lots of flour mills in Utah. But I'll put in another plug for CM since I'm in Cache Valley. They also have a plant in Collinston if you don't want to drive through Sardine Canyon. Sardine is kept it well plowed and usually only bad during a snow storm. side note - Did you see the recent footage of the cop getting hit by a car during a storm? That was in Sardine.

Before I tell you more about CV be sure to hit Caputo's in SLC. They have a store and also make sandwiches. That is the only SLC recommendation I can give but I am sure the are many many more worth going to.

If you do head up to CV there are other places you might want to hit. 

Cox Honey - I like their Mountain Honey. It takes a long time to crystallize. You can also bring your own jars to fill and save a few $$. 

Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread in Logan - they also have a Cafe. 

Gossners Cheese - they have a store at the plant with retail cheese and their odds and ends at a discount. Also sell the little shelf stable milks in flats of 27. 

Pepperidge Farms in Richmond - It's further north but they also have a plant store. Goldfish, cookies, usually frozen soups and other items. They used to have all the breads but now only carry the frozen cheese french breads. 

 Lowers Foods- You'll pass it on the way to PF. They make sandwich/deli meats and have a store. It's not well marked but is in the South building, 

And if you are going clear to Richmond you might want to keep heading north to Theures Meats in Lewiston. It's one of our local meat packing plant. The retail store is small but Rick is great and makes the best bacon and also try the jerky. They also sell 1/2 sides and whole  of beef and pork. 

Not in CV but you'll pass it on the way up. In Perry and Willard there is the "Fruit Highway". There are lots of orchards and many fruit stands to choose from along the 89 where it turns south from Brigham City.

Oh and what kind of USU grad would I be if I didn't plug Aggie Ice Cream. Shop up on campus, newly renovated, with all kinds of fun flavors. 

Have fun exploring!

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When the kids moved to Boulder we said love ya, but we'll see you after the snow melts (unless we fly).  The same will apply to SLC.  My husband's goal is to never take the RV chains out of the box.   We'll take a look at all your suggestions and catch as many as we can.  Must have meat, cheese and honey with bread, so thanks for that bonus.  TFLers are such a helpful group!

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in SLC - fantastic kouign aman and other pastries and coffee.

There is supposed to be a new artisan bread bakery doing all sorts of cool progressive stuff going in somewhere in the city too, but I can't find the references.