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Sourdough Pizza Problems

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Sourdough Pizza Problems

I’m still working on an acceptable sourdough pizza. I recently increased the inoculation at which I fed my starter, and the dough is finally holding shape and rising.

however, the dough bakes okay for a short window of time, but if i fridge the proofed dough balls overnight they are very tough, don’t rise as well, and the bottom doesn’t get crispy (even though the crust on the outside gets very brown.) This same dough baked up pretty nice - airy and crisp, the same day it was made at room temp, before going in the fridge. 

My starter was fed at 40% inoculation, 50% whole wheat and 50% bread flour. Formula was as follows 

100% Bread flour

60% water 

2.5% salt

15% of the starter above.


Mixed in the tartine way. Bulk 2.5 hours. Ball, proof for 4 to 5 more hours. Baked that pie (looked good)

rest of balls into fridge. Issues came following day.

the dough was noticeably more sour the following day (with the whole wheat being very noticeable as well.) All I can think is it continued to produce acid in the fridge, with help from the whole wheat.

That being said, I don’t know why my dough baked up so poorly after being in the fridge overnight when Tartine fridges sourdough made with lots of whole grains without any issue!

Can anyone chime in? 

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I suggest putting the balls you are not using in the fridge a lot sooner so they don't get over fermented.  How long are you letting the dough balls come to room temperature before you bake?  

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I like to add a TBS of olive oil in a plastic zip bag for each dough ball before putting it in the fridge.  This helps soften the dough and makes shaping a breeze.