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Baker’s Ratio for Crackers

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Baker’s Ratio for Crackers

is there a basic baker’s ratio for crackers? Not percentages, like a master formula, just a ratio, like roux is 1:1 flour to fat, and bread is 5:3 flour to water.I can find ratios for just about every other baked good on the planet, but none for crackers!

I imagine that the ratio is the same for unleavened crackers and leavened (with baking powder or soda) crackers, and I’d guess that the ratio is flour:water:fat:salt, with a little baking powder added for leavened crackers.

I suppose I could research a dozen cracker recipes and come up with my own, but if there’s already one out there, and one of you friends knows it, it would save me a lot of time and headache!

I hope this is the right forum for this. Crackers are a type of flatbread, right?

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itll always depends on flour choice. For example i make a wholewheat/spelt cracker that, including butter (as a we ingredient) is 52% (i.e. 10% butter and 42% water) end up with a dryish dough (to do with both wholegrains and lack of hydration) that can be rolled out very thin. Theyre delicious...

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I make crackers using 4 sourdough starter (50% hydration): 2 bread flour of whatever variety I fancy: 1 butter plus some salt (1/2 tsp to each 100g flour) and herbs/Parmesan etc.

Roll v thin and bake 200C for about 20 mins