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"King's Loaf" holiday bread recipe NOT "King's Cake"!

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"King's Loaf" holiday bread recipe NOT "King's Cake"!

In the 1950s my mother got a recipe for a yeast bread made in a circle with the ends 'folded' to resemble folded hands in prayer. The King's Roll has lots of candied fruits and ground up nuts and cinnamon with a light sugar glaze on top. It was normally baked at Easter and the Christmas holidays. This yeast bread is called "King's Roll." It is NOT the same as the "king's cake" found in so many southern bakeries. Many thanks.


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Pan Dulce

Hi, could it be the Rosca de Reyes? This is a typical fruited yeast bread made for Epiphany. It's decorated heavily with large pieces of candied fruit. 

The King Arthur site has a recipe with cinnamon and nuts- those aren't typical, but I believe it's close to your request. Take a look, I hope you find your loaf.