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Adding extra yeast before 2nd rise?

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Adding extra yeast before 2nd rise?

Hi, new to site and forums. I'm a 68 year old married guy who has been dabbling with bread going back to the days

of the first home machines in the 80's. Right now I'm kind of obsessed with making a reasonable facsimile of a kalamata olive dipping bread found in one of the restaurants I occasionally visit. Its got big holey texture and plenty of yeasty aroma. I just did a no knead version that had good flavor and was very chewy with some King Arthur high gluten flour, but wasn't as open a texture as I would have liked. 

My question is, is it possible to add additional yeast before the 2nd rise with no knead bread and would that kick up the hole size in the final result?

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"Yeasty aroma" is considered a major flaw in bread, not something that one should try to achieve. It wouldn't surprise me if you could achieve it by a second addition of yeast, but  I'm skeptical it would provide the sort of crumb you're looking for.

I've never made any of the no-knead breads, but if I were to tweak your recipe, I'd probably swap out the high-gluten flour for AP, because that's what most artisan-type recipes call for.