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KAF's Gruyere Loaf

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KAF's Gruyere Loaf

I made KAF's March baking along recipe - Gruyere stuffed mini loaves.

While they may not look like much in this pic, these turned out to be an awesome cheese-filled volcano. I divided the dough into 4 per the "mini loaf" sizes but they were much too big for one person so we cut them in half. Also, instead of the starter they prescribed with dry active yeast overnight, I used equal weight sourdough starter (although I'm sure my hydration wasn't equal). I also did half Gruyere and half Pecarino Romano. I didn't have pizza seasoning on hand so I made my own - equal parts dried basil, dried oregano, and dried thyme. 

Perfect flavors and perfect cheesiness. I would say that in order to better hold the shape, I would roll my dough log tighter before cutting them. A skewer may even help to hold the tight coil while it bakes. I also thought mine could have risen more in the oven, it was a touch dense in the end. I may choose to proof it longer next time. 

I would almost say that 10 oz of cheese is a bit too much. While I never imagined saying that, it may be true in this case. I'll try 8 oz next time. A blend of parmesan and asiago may be nice to try as well. 


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It sounds like a great loaf.. warm, it must taste incredible! Well done!

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I just took one look at that picture and wanted to reach through the screen to grab it. Yum!!!

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Doctordough, I've been wanting to try this myself.  When my sweet roll dough is softer than I realized or has a generous filling, it works for me to freeze the filled log for 30? minutes.  Just enough to firm it up a bit, then it cuts into slices easier. 

Gooey cheese on bread is SO good.  My daughter lived in Switzerland for 2 years, and one of the first things they bought and shared with us when they returned to the U.S. was a raclette set.  Yummy on baguettes.