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A first attempt

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A first attempt

Tho I have been cooking for decades, it was a first attempt at baking a bread, inspired by all the reading on artisanal breads. I like the idea of wholewheat--atta in India-- , and made sourdough using it. For the bread, I used two volumes of atta and one of all purpose flour, two volumes of water, and one volume of sourdough.


I dont have a regular oven, so I used the "gas tandoor"that I use succesfully to bake cakes. My whole wheat cakes-- with no other flour adulterating them-- generally never fail me. But for the I had to try all kinds of tricks, like using a lid of something to pour water and create steam, flipping the bread upside down to give the top crust some kind of a finish..and had to go with my nose(the fragrance of sourdough all over the house!!) and my fingers(tapping it for the hollow sound) !

Take a look...