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Hi, I've been trying to find kefir in local supermarkets for ages after people suggesting I use it for bread baking. 

Finally got some from the eastern Europe section at Sainsbury's and I'd love some advice/recipes to attempt next weekend.

Thanks in advance.

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Lechem (not verified)

Made with kefir grains? 

Edit: so I've just googled it and it says "Live cultures of kefir bacteria". 

I look for "grains" but it must be the real deal. If it is the real deal then you'll be able to make a Pre-Ferment with it. Simply mix kefir with flour and leave till mature. Needs warmth and a bit more time than a sourdough starter to become fully mature. Once ready use like a starter. 

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So I will probably experiment with a levain build earlier on in the week.

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just use it like buttermilk or yogurt and simply add some in to the dough with your water. Danni got me started doing that and I regularly put 50-60 g of yogurt in every formula whether it calls for it or not. Does a great job of acidifying the grains so they are more digestible. You want to do it when you autolyse so it is in there while you retard etc as that is how it cancels out the phytates. That is the main reason folks add acid to grains and beans when soaking them. Digestibility .

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Lazy Loafer

I make my own kefir, and regularly use it in my enriched sandwich breads in place of milk or buttermilk. You should be able to make a starter either with it, or using a bit in the liquid, and you can also put some in with grains that you're soaking to ferment them a little (makes them even more digestible). You can leave it for a couple of days. Kombucha works for fermenting grains as well.

And kefir is lovely in place of commercial buttermilk in quick breads and muffins that are made with baking soda / baking powder. Or biscuits (scones, not English kind of biscuits!).

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Bred Maverick

i bought my kefir grains  six months ago  online from Since then I ferment the grains daily.

i use the whey Either to feed my dog or as part Of the dough's overall hydration.

just wanted to mention that Kefir has immense  Health benefits, but once it is baked in bread  it loses all of its probiotic value.


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I might try both techniques... If my experiment works and it produces a viable starter. Abe's spelt recipe sounds great I haven't worked with spelt for a while. I may also make a porridge of some kind with the kefir for a second loaf.