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Other uses for baguette dough?

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Other uses for baguette dough?

Hey everyone!

I took a class on bread baking and we used straight baguette dough with additions to make a few different breads:olives w/herbs, dried fruits and nuts, and bacon bread. All of them we just added the mix ins to the same dough after it was made and split into batches. 

What do other people add to baguette dough? What about shapes? From what I recall we made normal baguettes and little dinner rolls.....



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there's a bunch of cuts and shapes including the epi, fougasse and maguerite which all derive from the basic shape and then of course there's the demi, batard and boule all of which can be made from the same dough (see this video for about 10 cuts and shapes -

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Mini Oven

makes kaiser rolls, white sandwich, caraway or anis sticks, garlic twists, bread bun flowers, crowns, griddle buns, campfire bread, salt sticks, bread sticks, poppy braids, pretzels, pretzel rolls, ...

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pizza is one of my regular uses...I'll even par-bake a number of pizza rounds, top them, freeze them, and wrap them.  Home-made frozen pizza is one of the better uses of dough IMO...