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Easy Cream of Wheat

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Easy Cream of Wheat

Just a quick post to show the Cream of Wheat I made using whole wheat ground



in my Nutrimill. I ground HARD RED SPING WHEAT on coarse grind, cooked it in half milk half water for 20 min. and it is SO GOOD my husband has given up eggs a couple of days a week to have cream of wheat instead. He even wants it for an evening snack. So easy, so fresh and so tasty. If you like hot cereal and have a mill give it a try. I also ground rice for cream of rice but haven't tried it yet.

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Now that looks like a bowl of cream of wheat!!!

Now you have me inspired.  My dd will not be happy about it (she is not a porridge girl) but too bad.  Mama likes it!


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I LOVE cream of wheat. I had a bowl today for lunch but it sure didn't look anything like that. Gosh, that looks good!

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You gotta love a place where people appreciate the beauty in a bowl of hot cereal.

Looks perfect for this 5 degree morning, too. 

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I can taste it. It looks soooo good I can just taste it!

I have had it before, I have MADE it before, but do you think I can remember where or when or HOW? Nope.

Dya think I can make it with cracked wheat? 

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What was your ratio of the ground wheat to the liquid? Was it the same as the boxed variety?


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I started with 1/2 cup medium grind hard red spring wheat, 1 cup whole milk, 1 cup water and a pinch of salt. Cook gently for 20 min. giving it a stir now and then. I did add a little more milk when it started to look dry because I wanted to go the 20 min. Hope you try it and that you find it as tasty as we do.      


So glad to hear from other hot cereal eaters. Sometimes I think we're a thing of the past. Hot cereals, custards and real puddings. Mmmm mm good.                                                      weavershouse