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Gluten Free Flour Ingredients

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Gluten Free Flour Ingredients

I live in Guatemala and would like to start making my own GF flour but my ingredients are a bit limited. I'm looking for tapioca starch, and psyllium husk but haven't found either so far. Could anyone recommend a mix that doesn't include either of those ingredients in case I can't find them? Thanks in advance!!

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Since I know nothing about shopping in Guatemala, the following ideas might be utter lunacy:

1. You might find psyllium in a farmacia's laxative section.  The question will be whether you can find the husks, or the more refined psyllium powder.

2. If there is a local equivalent of a health-foods store or a homeopathic store, you may find psyllium there.

3. You might find psyllium in a spice or herb store.

4. Since India is one of the biggest exporters of psyllium, you might find it in an Indian grocery, if such exists in your area.