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Shef Bread maker

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Shef Bread maker

Hi All, I decided this year that I would have a go at making some bread and have very much  enjoyed the experience so far.

As well as doing it by hand I have decided to explore using a bread maker which I have now acquired. 

I thought that I would be able to find instructions on line, its a Shef 13/042, but have not yet had any luck.

Is it just a question of putting in the appropriate ingredients and selecting the programme or is there more to it?

Any links to recipes etc would also be very welcome.


Many thanks :)

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but didn’t find anything. My best guesses to get you going are that: You will need to find a recipe for the weight of the loaf you want (assuming that the bread maker has frosted loaf weight settings) and then put the liquid on the bottom and the dry ingredients on top. The yeast goes in last and must not touch the liquids. Then pick the desired settings such as weight of loaf, colour of crust and type of bread. It probably has a delayed setting too if you want to go that route. 

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It seems that this breadmaker goes under various names, including Vonshef and Andrew James ( a UK brand). I managed to track down a manual for the Andrew James Here

Hope this helps.