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Best oven for home based bread bakery

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Best oven for home based bread bakery

I am considering starting a home-based bakery where I would only make artisan breads. I need recommendations for an oven that I can put in a room in my house that I’m remodeling for a bakery.

pleade let me know your recommendations. I won’t be able to afford an expensive oven but need a recommendation for an oven that will allow me to make great breads.

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Check your local laws and ordinances on food production in your home. I don't know where you live but in many areas there are health, electrical, food safety, food production, environmental,etc,etc rules and laws.

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I have baked in the Rofco, really good for the price. It is popular in small bakeries.

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Not to add more rain to your parade, but Clazar is correct...and once you're done "getting the approval" of bureaucrats, you'll need to talk to the company insuring your home...maybe start there, as it may be "bakery in your home" business killing news.

Selling to friends and family, you're probably ok out of your home..but selling to people you don't know, and your insurance company finds out, they'll cancel your home owners policy. Even if they don't find out, and someone sues you/business, your insurance company will throw you under the bus; and if somehow they get dragged into court, they may sue you for exposing them to an undisclosed rick factor. So, in a worst case scenario, trying to make a few extra bucks selling bread out of your house could end up bankrupting you.

I own a would not believe the level of CRAZY in any businesses customer base...idiots, nutjobs, scammers, boy oh boy, they come out of the woodwork when you start selling stuff.

Ok, so here's some sunshine for your business:

1. Practice on friends and family.

2. When you've got it right, then rent some space and set up a real business as single owner LLC (Limited Liability Company)...this will separate your personal wealth from the business' assets; so if you are ever sued, the most you could lose is the business.

Good Luck!