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Help with NY pizza crust

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Help with NY pizza crust

Hi all,

i ran into a problem making Reinhart's New York pizza dough from American Pie. I don't make pizza often, but I have made it before with good success. Last time, the dough was not very extensible. When I tossed it it got large, but then sprung back. The result was a small pie. I made three in a row, separated by at least a half hour, and the last was no better than the first. The crust showed signs of decent air pockets, but it was thick and bread-like. 

King Arthur bread flour was opened the week before, and dated way in the future. Instant yeast package was  purchased and opened about a week beforehand, and kept in a jar in the freezer. Water was a tick over 70 degrees, per Reinhart's recipe. I've never had luck kneading with a mixer, so I mixed by hand, rested 5 minutes per Reinhart, then kneaded by hand. I think that previously,  it took me about 15 minutes to get a windowpane, but this time it took over a half hour (and maybe could have used more work?) Rested it 15 minutes in ziplocks, then refrigerated until the next day.

Any thoughts?

Thanks all,


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How long did you let the dough rest and come to room temperature before shaping?  Yiu may need to let it get warmer before shaping.

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Two hours from the fridge to tossing the first one.

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Not sure how it affected the dough but you only need to knead until you get a smooth dough ball. I have never kneaded to windowpane. The gluten will develop during tha cold ferment. What was your IDY percentage? For the most pizza info on the internet check out