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Dairy free sandwich bread ( Ski’s version adapted)

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Dairy free sandwich bread ( Ski’s version adapted)

So Skibaum (ski) generously shared with me his sandwich bread recipe which I adapted and created a dairy free version and yes yummy version of it.

Here it is below: 

Makes 1 loaf 

300 gr bread flour 

166 gr coconut milk 

35 gr pure honey

35 gr butter 

1/2 tablespoon salt 

60 gr sourdough starter 

1/ mix all 

2/ bulk ferment 6 hours With stretch and fold every hour 


4/ shape and proof overnight in a pan loaf coated with olive oil 

5/ next day, score and put in heated oven at 500F

6/ bake 35mn

enjoy warm, simple, with butter or french bread in the Morning !





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Did you mean to write down olive oil instead or did you use margarine? I am curious since the only butter substitute I've used has been either olive oil or shortening (haven't tried palm shortening yet).

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I guess you can try with olive oil. On my side, it was coconut butter. Thanks