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Sprouted wheat, home-milled flour, high altitude recipe please --

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Sprouted wheat, home-milled flour, high altitude recipe please --

Hello all,I am in search of a tried and true recipe. Here are my desires and restrictions:

1. I want just a good quality staple loaf for sandwiches and toast on a daily basis for my family.

2. I live at 6k feet, so some high altitude considerations would be much appreciated.

3.I have just sprouted and milled my first batch of flour using hard red wheat berries. (This is the flour I will be using)

Thanks in advance for all your tips and tricks or maybe, just maybe someone on here has just the right recipe to meet all these conditions --

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at an altitude thats just shy of 6,000 feet. Previously having lived for decades at sea level I was worried about the altitude problem. I had many people insist that my loaves would never rise and that I should just buy commercial bread. Undeterred I simply made my loaves using my sea level recipes and every loaf has turned out just fine.

I don't know if there are other recipes that are more sensitive to altitude but I can make bread just fine.